• Lagrimas en el Tranquero
    Lagrimas en el Tranquero
  • Amor Llanura y Parranda
    Amor Llanura y Parranda
  • Luna Sobre Apure
    Luna Sobre Apure


Carolina Montes, also known as "the shine of the plains"...

Comes to dazzle us with her elegant and distinctive style. She carries in her blood the lands of the Apure state, and its the smells, immensity and its magical appeal what she irradiates on each performance making her, the folkculture ambassador everywhere she goes.


  • Tema del año: Lágrimas en el tranquero.

    2016 Pepsi Music Award Nomination – Song of the Year: Lágrimas en el Tranquero

    2018 Pepsi Music Award Nomination – Video of the Year: Amor, Llanura y Parranda
  • Lágrimas en el Tranquero – Lyric Video

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